About Vincenza Gourmet Coffee

What started out in 1994, simply a desire to expand a coffee  business with origins from the early 1970’s, is a long way from what the business has evolved to in 2018. The business grew slowly at first, along with our knowledge of the coffee industry .  When  volumes are relatively low, an emerging  business has to shout loud to be heard above the crowd. We finally realized we had to be different  to stand out , not loud.  Word of mouth will  always beat self promotion. Our customers would be the key to take us forward.

Having a great coffee brand name, Award winning coffee, reliable service and delivery systems, lots of energy and perseverence is a solid basis for a business, but the real focus has to be on the customer and building their dreams. Today, Vincenza has evolved to a 'one stop' coffee and equipment warehouse, backed up by a dedicated training school, and in –house service technicians. Today, we have linked  with major partners, in Australia and Italy,  to import  the very best in espresso equipment and consumables.  Vincenza branded products are manufactured in most  Australian States, and espresso equipment is sourced from Italy. We use only Biopak products. Biopak practice sustainable foresty methods and use bio based plastics. Biopak products are biodegradable and recyleable. Working together to become carbon netural.

From January 2014, Vincenza  linked  with a major International  partner  to sell,  install and service  espresso equipment across all Australian States, and New Zealand.

We are proud that our focus has remained firmly on our customers.  We love being part of building big Cafes and Restaurants, Clubs and Hospitality outlets.

After all these years our passion remains  as strong as the first day , all those years ago,  we entered this amazing coffee industry.

Vincenza is a locally owned and operated Sunshine Coast business. "Drink local at your local"