Guatemalan RFA Ceylan

Guatemalan RFA Ceylan

Guatemalan RFA Ceylan single origin 200g:

Farm:        finca Ceylan Anexos  - 268 hectares of coffee

Altitude:  3500- 4500 m

Process:  Traditional wet mill and dry mill process

Roast:  215*

Cupping profile and tasting notes: Starts and finishes with date like sweetness, extends to a toffee apple and vanilla with a cedar aromatic.

For a full description of this single origin coffee, including Environmental projects being undertaken to protect the farmland and adjacent water sources, please  ask for an A4 sheeet to accompany  your  order.


Please note that our microlots of coffee beans change weekly due to the nature of micro lots.  Later this week we are roasting a PNG minj premium A grade bean.  more to follow-

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