Dominican Republic: Local luxury on the rise

Dominican Republic: Local luxury on the rise

The Dominican republic is known for is crystal clear blue waters, its bleached white sandy beaches and the gorgeous resorts that are located upon the shoreline. Home of the America’s oldest cathedral, the second largest island in the Caribbean, has been growing beans since 1715. The coffee crop has been the principal harvest for small farmers throughout the country. Coffee farms are characteristically smaller in Dominican Republic with only averaging 3 hectares, compared to Cuba’s 27 hectares average.

The Dominicans love their coffee, and is the non-alcoholic drink of choice in the country. It is often a sign of respect to accept a cup of coffee as coffee one of the delights enjoyed by both poor and wealthy. Due to the demand and consumption across the island, only 20% of the total coffee volume is exported. The first exportation of coffee stretches all the way back to the eighteenth century, and according to online, Mercanta, it is now ranked as the 31st highest exporter in the world.

The majority of the coffee production, throughout Dominican Republic, is based around the remote, lush mountain districts of the country. Ranging around 600 to 1450 metres about see level, there are 6 main growing regions around the island.

  •  Cibao: a northern region of the country with the highest population in the country.
  • Barahona: located in the south of the island and is a large ecotourism attraction.
  • Bani: the southern part of the island, also known as the capital city of the south.
  • Azua: located 100km west of the nation capital, the economy is based on coffee, sugar and tobacco plantations.
  • Ocoa: located in the south, agriculture is dominant with coffee, beans and potatoes.
  • Juncalito: located more than 1000 metres above sea level, classified as the most important coffee plantation in the country. 

It may have started off small, but the Dominican Republic has taken the reins with increasing exportation rates. They have topped the Fastest-Growing Coffee Export Country list on World’s Richest Countries by increasing export sales by a staggering 12,000% in the last 5 years. They may be small when it comes to farming but by knowing, and loving the coffee they grow in their “own backyard”, they may just be a future contender for the luxury which expands the globe.



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