Tea Anyone??

Tea Anyone??

Although our heart still sides with our one true love, coffee. We also stock one of the best tea ranges around. Tea Tonic is Australia’s healthiest tea range…..and it’s organic! It’s a win-win

Founded and based in Melbourne, by a naturopath and herbalist, the aim was to incorporate wellness into each day. Using the highest quality ingredients - organic plants and herbs that would cure ailments, promote good health and taste delicious.

Now with over 30 delicious blends, all with feel-good benefits, we want you to discover what we are raving about. Ask one of our staff for a sample pack. The flavour packs a punch and will be a hit with your customers. 

Our Best Sellers:

 English Breakfast Earl Grey
Traditional Chai Peppermint
French Earl Grey G.L.E.W
Green Blue Magic 

Most of their blends are available in loose leaf and individually wrapped envelopes.


Pop in store and taste the rainbow! 

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