The history of Vincenza

The history of Vincenza

It all started out many years ago, back in 1994. A humble coffee enthusiast had a simple desire to expand a coffee  business, with origins dated back to the early 1970’s.

The business grew slowly at first, along with our knowledge of the coffee industry.  When volumes are relatively low, an emerging  business has to shout loud to be heard above the crowd. Well, we finally realised we had to be different  to stand out, not loud.

Word of mouth will always beat self promotion. Our customers would be the key to take us forward. The simple taste and quality of the Vincenza product is what catapulted the Vincenza brand to the top of the Coffee industry.

And just like that, Vincenza Gourmet Coffee found it's place. We now offer a range of services and a range of gourmet coffee but one thing has not changed... quality and taste will always be the key to our business.

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