Voices for the Rainforest

Voices for the Rainforest

As a Biopak distributor, we are excited to announce the partnership between Biopak and Rainforest Rescue. Using the art series cups as a canvas, 18 global stars from the arts community have featured designs, aimed to educate and raise awareness for conservation. The funds raised will go towards the ability to grow 150,000 trees annually and will aid the rescue of the Daintree rainforest, located right here in Queensland.

Each artist is an individual champion in their own right and have created 18 unique designs that represent their love for nature and the environment.
Artists include:
Patty Mills - three-time Olympian and NBA champion

Camilla Franks - Australian fashion designer

Ziggy Alberts - singer/songwriter

Ally Langdon - Today show host

Other artwork from photographers, nutritionists, chefs, and more.


Keep your eyes peeled for the new designs hitting our warehouse soon!!

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